What is DOT?

Distributed OpenFlow Testbed (DOT) is a tool for emulating large scale OpenFlow based Software Defined Networks. DOT distributes the emulated network across several physical machines to provide guaranteed CPU time, bandwidth and network latency for the emulated components (i.e., switches, hosts and links). It can scale with the network size and traffic volume. It also has built-in support for configuring and monitoring the emulated components from a central point. DOT is an outcome of an ongoing research project of the WatSDN research group at the University of Waterloo.

DOT Architecture

DOT Architecture

Source Code

You can clone/download the source code from https://github.com/dothub/dot.

Mailing list

You can join our mailing list at http://list.dothub.org/listinfo/dot-dev

Our Team


We are thankful to the following persons for their insightful comments, suggestions, and support:

  • Ahmed Amokrane (UPMC – LIP6)
  • Hadi Bannazadeh (University of Toronto)
  • Alexander Pokluda (University of Waterloo)